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How to make sure your makeup artist gets it right everytime.

Ever had your makeup done and immediately ran home to wash it off?

If you answered yes, you're not alone!

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This is devastating for two reasons: 1. You have just paid how much of your hard earned money to look like crap. And 2. Now you have to rush home and try and fix it before you head out. Booooo.

I always ask my clients this question during our initial consultation as it's a great way to know what NOT to do.

Here are a few tips to make sure your next application is EXACTLY what you want.

1. Be on time to your appointment.

This might seem super simple but it can be the difference between a beautiful application and a rushed mess.

10 minutes late so you could grab your takeaway coffee may not seem like a big deal, but to your makeup artist who is booked back to back for the rest of the day, this can be huge.

2.Choose your artist wisely.

All artists are not created equal. And that's a good thing.

Do your research.

Some artists specialise in natural glowy wedding makeup, others in super heavy glittery glam.

Have a think about the kind of makeup you might like and choose accordingly. The beauty of Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest is that hundreds of artists' work is but a click away.

3. Come prepared.

Nothing strikes fear into a makeup artist like the words " I have no idea what I want ."

How are we meant to please you when you don't know what will please you?

Of course we are here to guide and help you choose what is best for your face, but it's so much easier for everyone if you have SOME idea of what you do and don't like.

I always ask my clients to have a picture reference, as my idea of natural might be completely different to yours.

Once again, do some research.

Do you like matte foundation or dewy? Do you want a sharp liquid liner or soft and smokey? Matte red lips or nude and glossy?

We love a fussy client as they know exactly what they want and aren't afraid to tell us!

Whats your style? Soft? Heavy? Glam?

4. Communication is key.

Don't like the direction your artist is going in your consultation? Tell them.

Allergic to anything? Tell them.

Have extremely oily skin? Tell them.

Don't like heavy foundation? Tell them.

Hated the way they did it last time? Tell them.

Don't like the end result? TELL THEM!

We want to know what's going on inside your head. We would much rather redo parts of your makeup than have you leave upset. We will not be offended. We know sometimes our own style is not for everybody.

Speak up, especially during your consultation. The more information we have about you and what you like/don't like, the better our chance is of giving you a look you love.

5. Be Present.

When you're in the makeup chair, BE in the makeup chair.

Allow the time for yourself and enjoy it.

Put the phone down. Keep your eyes closed. Keep your eyes up when asked. Get the kids looked after.Keep Still. Get your maid of honour to deal with everything when your having your makeup done.

Its very hard to get a flawless finish on a moving target, even if your makeup artist is amazing.


6. Read the appointment info you are sent.

Depending on your artist you may be sent some pre appointment info. If you do, please read it!

It contains such gems as how many days prior to have your waxing, tanning tips, pre appointment skincare and so on, all aimed at making sure your makeup appointment goes smoothly and you are in love with the result.

7. Have realistic expectations.

While the beautiful highly photoshopped images online can be great inspo pics, beware!

All is not always as it seems. Take a closer look, what do you see?

Pimples? No. Skin texture? No. Wrinkles? No. Open pores? No.

These images are not reality. Whilst they serve their purpose to show us what you like, remember they are not real. Your best bet is to choose your inspo pics from an artists social media who doesn't edit their clients photos. This way you will see what the makeup looks like on real people, imperfections and all.

"We are makeup artists, not magicians"
A real, unedited and beautiful image of one of my lovely clients

7. You get what you pay for.

'Nuff said.

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